Joel Barber

1293 Professional Dr
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

I’m Joel Barber, a Myrtle Beach-based realtor who has been working in the area for
years to ensure that potential homebuyers can find the properties of their dreams.
Throughout my career in real estate, it has been an honor to help homebuyers explore
their options and make the best decisions possible given their wants, needs, and
budget. I acknowledge that many potential homebuyers out there have never been
properly assisted when it comes to real estate, and I have dedicated myself to acting
as a resource for these individuals as they take this important step in their lives. My
knowledge of the Myrtle Beach market, available properties, and what to expect
throughout the process empowers my clients to find their dream homes in their dream

My goal is to help others learn more about the home buying process through easily
accessible resources that break down key processes and insights from experts within
the field. Contributing to important conversations within my space a passion of mine
and creates an environment where homebuyers and sellers can be confident and
comfortable in their decisions.

Why am I in Real Estate?

As some of you know I became a full time Realtor from a productive teaching career.
After several years of teaching and a master’s degree in education with a secure job,
others may have second guessed my decision. I have remained secure in my decision
to be in real estate because it utilizes my skillset to the fullest degree and allows me to
help others learn about the home buying process. For many this is one of the most
important financial decisions they will make in their lives, and it feels good to be able
to assist people along the way.

Why did I make this commitment?

  • I felt called to achieve something higher than mediocrity and step out in faith
towards that purpose. 
  • I saw people that I care about not receiving full service from their agents.
  • I felt that I could be as effective as some of the good agents with the proper
  • I felt a passion to be better at something I was skilled for.


Why does it matter?

  • I have the skills and resources to assist clients that many other agents do not have.
  • I have the initiative to go the extra mile and find solutions for my clients.
  • It is not just a job but a career that should be fueled with passion and purpose.


Whom does it matter to?

  • God: My goal in anything is to glorify God and work and do business in such a way
that He is pleased.
  • Family: Those that matter most to me need to know and feel confident that I am
good at what I do and doing well in my chosen career.
  • Clients: Those that entrust me to serve them deserve to know that I am doing my
best to accomplish their goals.


How does it make a difference?

Being a realtor makes a difference because no transaction is simply a transaction.
Each one is about people’s lives (their investment, family, goals, etc). By being effective
at what I do I am making a difference in those client’s lives who have entrusted me on
this part of their journey.